About Onyx Art™

What is Onyx?

Onyx was used for centuries in jewelry, carvings, and for architectural accents, the stone’s stunning and vibrant colors and translucency make it an extremely sought-after material. Rarer than fine marble and highly desirable for its unique appearance, onyx remains one of the best choices for crafting our wonderful lamps .

Onyx is mostly made of calcite and is formed in caves in several areas around the world, mostly in the South America, Middle East and North Africa. When water drips from stalactites and stalagmites and then evaporates, it leaves behind deposits of calcium carbonate and other minerals, causing the stone’s colorful bands. Onyx Art™ is able to work with some of the most exclusive mines and producer to bring you the full range of product and colors to your home. Have a look at our broad lamp collection to explore all colors Onyx can offer!

About Onyx Art™

Onyx Art™ has the objective to bring you the most exclusive accessories, lamps and furniture out of Onyx to your home. We work with some of the finest producers in the world to bring you the full range of products.

We are passionate about Onyx, because we think it's one of most beautiful materials for our products. Once you will see how Onyx looks in your home, you will want more.

Onyx Art™ is a brand of Trading Partners GmbH in Switzerland. We have branches in Mexico, Switzeralnd and Estonia. We are focusing on distributing exclusive products around the globe.