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ONYXArt™ is a symbol for the most exclusive lamps, accessories and furniture out of ONYX marble. All our products are handcrafted in Mexico in the state of Puebla. Our craftsman work with ONYX for centuries, the art how to cut, form and polish the ONYX marble was passed along for generations. Observe our craftsman at work and follow the steps from excavation of the ONYX in the mines to sculptor work done in our production site and studio in Puebla.The ONYX marbles we work with are very rare and difficult to find. We collaborate with some of the most exclusive mines in the world, to bring you the most particular products. We are passionate about ONYX, because we think it's one of most beautiful materials in the world. Once you have a product at home, you will want more.Onyx Art™ is a brand of Trading Partners GmbH in Switzerland. All our handmade products are elaborated in our OnyxArt studio in Puebla Mexico. We have distribution centers in Switzerland, Spain and Estonia. The electrification of the lamps for the European market is done in Europe under consideration of all European harmonized standards.

ONYX marble captivates with its beautiful intense colors and unique patterns - let yourself be charmed by ONYX marble.

René Marc Irniger
CEO / Founder
Sirley Irniger Marquez
Head of Sales / Founder

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What is ONYX marble?

ONYX marble is a translucent semi-precious gemstone which is mined mainly in Mexico and Pakistan. Onyx is rarer than fine marble and has been used for centuries in jewelry, carvings and architectural accents. The stunning and vibrant colors and translucence of the stone make it a highly sought after material. The unique patterns makes ONYX the best choice for producing our wonderful lamps and accessories.ONYX consists mainly of calcite. When water drips on stalactites and stalagmites and then evaporates, it leaves deposits of calcium carbonate and other minerals that cause the colorful ribbons of the stone.ONYX is said to have healing powers, so it should help to overcome their own insecurities and to find creative solutions.ONYXArt ™ is able to work with some of the world's most exclusive mines to deliver the rarest and most beautiful onyx stones to your home. Take a look at our special lamp collections to discover all the colors ONYX has to offer!



Gorgeous images of various ONYX marbles, for your home, living or bathroom. Decide which ONYX best suits you and your personality. Are you more the classic 'Blanco Hielo' type or do you prefer something extravagant such as 'Verde Dunas' or 'Azulita'?


Choose the ONYX that suits you best. We deliver free in the EU and Switzerland. Tomorrow a handcrafted piece of jewelry can already be at your home.