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Unique art pieces
for your home.

Unique art pieces for your home.

Nature guarantees that every single of our products is unique. No piece exists twice. Learn more about our art , our different ONYX stones or the available products in our shop.

We help you
to choose the ONYX
which fits best to you
and your style.

We help you to choose the ONYX which fits best to you and your style.

Our table lamps are a great fit for your style. Get a unique piece of art, bring your interior to the next level!

Limitless inspiration

Limitless inspiration.

Onyx marble exhibit fascinating patterns made by nature. These patterns will help you boost your creativity and tap into your inspiration.

Top products

Top products.

Rest like never

Natural powers for you. Rest like never before.

Onyx is said to have healing powers, it will help you to overcome insecurities and to find creative solutions.Experience a new calm.

Add a spark to
your relationship

Add a spark to your relationship.

Bring romance into your life. Enjoy wonderful dinners in a incredible atmosphere and experience the power of ONYX in your bedroom.

Maintenace made easy

Maintenace made easy.

Beautiful things are often hard to maintain. Not with our ONYX table and floor lamps. Fastest cleaning ever.

Top products

Top products.

About us

ONYXArt offers the most exclusive lamps, accessories and furniture made of ONYX marble. All products are handcrafted in Puebla, Mexico. Our craftmen have been working with ONYX for centuries, passing along for generations the art of how to cut, form and polish the ONYX marble.Observe our ONYX artists shaping unique ONYX masterpieces and learn about the ONYX production process from excavation to sculpture.The ONYX marbles we work with are rare and difficult to find. We partnered with some of the most exclusive mines in the world to bring you the most special products.We are passionate about ONYX because it inspires feelings of personal power.We think it's one of most beautiful materials in the world. Once you have a product at home, you will want more.Onyx Art is a brand of Trading Partners GmbH in Switzerland. All our handmade products are elaborated in our ONYXArt studio in Puebla Mexico. We have distribution centers in Switzerland, Spain and Estonia. The electrification of the lamps for the European market is done in Spain under consideration of all European harmonized standards.

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We craft handmade products according your wishes. Contact us at contact@onyxart.shop with any questions.

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Gorgeous atmosphere

With ONYX you will be able create an atmosphere nobody ever will forget. This very special natural stone with it's vibrant colors and the beautiful natural textures produces an ambience hardly no other material can effect. Have a look at our gallery pictures and you will understand the power of ONYX.

Infinite possibilities
of decoration

Infinite possibilities of decoration.

Experience the infinite possibilities of decoration ONYX offers. This so special natural stone. Decoration in colors you never experienced before, created by nature over thousands of years and brought to you by OnyxArt. Decoration as special as you.

Top products

Top products.


Get exclusive offers right after our artists create
new masterpieces.

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