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Table lamp in ONYX « Verde Dunas» .

Table lamp in ONYX « Verde Dunas»

Collection: Verde Dunas
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  • This decorative onyx marble (natural stone) desk lamp / table lamp / bedside lamp is a handmade unique item made in the OnyxArt studio in Mexico
  • There are only a few mines in the world were this rare onyx can be obtained
  • ONYX 'Verde Dunas' is an extremely rare onyx which is mined only in Mexico and Pakistan. Main color is green, with red and brown betas. Because of the rarity of the stone, there are only a few producers worldwide who can supply lamps in this onyx. This onyx creates through its structure and its color an atmosphere of luxury on one natural and simple style.
  • In ONYX 'Verde Dunas' we can produce special forms such as cube and sphere lamps. Furthermore rectangular closed lamps and cylindrical closed and open lamps in nearly all sizes, up to 160cm hight for rectangular and 100cm for cylindrical lamps.
  • Note: Since it is each lamp is unique the surface of the lamp will differ in nuances from the pictured product
  • Colors :
    H: cm
    W: cm
    Ø cm
    Delivery time:
    • Mexico:
    • US:
    • Europe:
    Electrical: Europe: Euro plug CEE 7/16 – 220V, CE certified components USA and Mexico: Standard Type A (NEMA 1-15) / 110V connection
    Light bulbs:
    Light bulbs: A standard light bulbs (thread E27) can be used Mexico and USA – light bulb included Europe – light bulb not included