Tailor made products


We are able to design custom-made lamps and furniture to your specifications. These lamps and furniture are elaborated in Mexico and delivered directly to you. We can make lamps in all sizes and collections / stones, from very small, as a gift or "give away", to very large lamps, which become the focal point in every living - or bedroom. Lamps we can elaborate in ONYX "Serpentina Beta Azul", "Verde Dunas", "Verde Talan", "Amarillo", "Galactea", "Azulita", "Blanco Hielo", "Rosa", "Rosas Beta", ¨Picado¨ or "Ambar". Take a look at our product catalog for a detailed description of the different collections / stones we offer. In addition to the lamps and accessories, we can manufacture furniture made of onyx, wood and glass according to your wishes. Write us on info@onyxart.shop for a tailored offer.